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Making a Positive Change for Our Planet with Mehmet Kurtulus

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Multi-talented actor and producer Mehmet Kurtulus developed a love for acting after joining a school drama group. From there, he went on to pursue a career in acting and found a lifelong passion for movie-making. As a natural storyteller, Mehmet enjoys shining a light on the lives of others through acting and hopes to instil insight and foster a deeper understanding of global issues. This enables him to not only choose roles that reflect his artistic and deep cultural expression, but also roles which enable him to have a positive influence on the world.

As we embark upon our #MakeItFeelRight journey, let’s hear Mehmet’s story about bringing positive change to the world through sustainable fashion!

How do you describe your personal style?

Mehmet: I think my personal style is very easy. I am more about quality, my philosophy is to buy less, but good things that really last. I don’t follow the fast fashion trend, as I am not into chasing any trends. I think the best trend is you and your own personality. Apparel is what helps and supports your personality, so you are not chasing something else, it should chase and find you instead. I love less, I buy less, and I try to buy good quality that lasts.

What do you think about today’s shopping habits/textile industry?

Mehmet: In the current fast-living, throwaway society that we live in, many people tend to say and act “now”, “immediately”, and “no, I don’t want that”. I think within these purchasing manners and behaviors we lose the point of questioning, such as “who made it?” and “where is it made?” etc. I agree that money could play a strong determinator here, whether we are able to buy what is healthy, organic and sustainability approved. These are the types of criteria I strongly believe in too. In general, it is also important to really know who is producing, what we are supporting, and to see how the supply chain works.

What is your knowledge on sustainable fashion?

Mehmet: What I’ve learned about sustainable fashion is to question the world behind it, such as “who is making it?”, “where does it come from?”, “what is used to produce it?” and “which materials could be used as an alternative?” etc. These are points that have really opened up another world to me. For me, this concerns a lot of different areas, for example responsibility, protection of resources, and also about the people who are behind the production. So not just simply about the resources and materials that are used, like the chemicals and the colors, but also the responsibility to the people who are working in these factories and under what conditions.

What are your thoughts on the idea of turning a tree into an item of clothing?

Mehmet: It was a surprise for me. I know that we can now make a lot of things out of trees such as paper, of which it’s a mixture of fibers. Yet, taking it to the next level and create apparel out of wood was new for me.

What are your feelings on all the pollution problems caused by the textile industry?

Mehmet: If we think that a tremendous amount of water is polluted with little plastic pieces and one-third is the responsibility of the fashion industry, it is indeed a very sad situation and I am truly shocked by this huge number. Some of the follow-up questions that I have would be “how to reduce that?”, and “how to make the world more liveable?” etc. So, the question is not just solely talking about sustainability, but to ask a simple question - “do you care about your planet?”. I think this is what people need to address.

Can you give the readers a final piece of advice?

Mehmet: I would like to pick up the thought and quote of Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, who once said: “We don’t have a planet B.” I think that’s the point, which is we don’t have an alternative. We cannot just throw away our planet and move to another planet, despite there are ideas and projects about going to Mars. We have to protect our resources and also protect our planet.

Mehmet’s message was clear – sustainability can and should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It is in our best interest to work together to maintain a liveable environment for future generations, filled with the same beauty we have been so blessed to enjoy. We should aspire to prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our lives, including fashion! It is time to #MakeItFeelRight today!

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