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why we #MakeItFeelRight

of clothing worldwide is made from non-biodegradable fibers, which are made from non-renewable resources like crude oil, natural gas and plastic

of global oil consumption is attributed to non-biodegradable fiber production

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The over-abundance of non-biodegradable fibers enables more affordable fashion. That’s why, more clothes are consumed now than ever before, but are worn half as long as garments

15 years ago

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of clothing produced ends up in landfills or incineration and clothing made of non-biodegradable fibers can sit in landfills for hundreds of years

harming the planet

but there is a solution

everyday clothing choices can change the environmental impact of fashion

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rethink new items

by shopping secondhand, reparing old clothes and sharing or swapping clothes

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find better ways

to move on from well-worn clothing by recycling and upcycling

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Wear right by wearing sustainable brands and wearing clothes made of good materials like

botanic fibres that biodegrade

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when clothes are used right and worn right, they feel right for you and the planet

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