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@AquilaFirrina - Make It Feel Right by making a conscious decision

B2 Firrina Tencel Ig 3


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Living in a crowded city with its fast pace has often lead us to forget the importance of balance. The bright sun and fresh air is always a luxury whenever we take a break from the city; as well as the eco-friendly TENCEL™️ x REFIBRA™️ fibers. Knowing that we are responsible for our own purchase habits will provide a brighter future for earth.

Familiarizing yourself to read the hangtags / labels in order to know and understand what materials / fabrics that are used in the clothes that you buy, is already a good start for the future of fashion industry. This proves that we could live the eco-friendly life without being out-of-date.

Make It Feel Right by making a conscious decision to look for sustainable fashion, and feeling right not just by the texture of the material, but also feeling right at heart that it’s for a good cause!

#MakeItFeelRight #Sustainablefashion

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