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@NiomiSmart - wood-based clothing?!



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Have you heard of wood-based clothing?! 🌿
We are all learning about the environmental impacts of toxic chemicals and fibres in our clothing, and sustainable ingredients are becoming more and more important. But with all the information out there, recognising them can be really tough! I recently discovered the #MakeItFeelRight campaign and wanted to share it with you, it's all about making it easier for the consumer by helping us recognise more eco-friendly fibres in clothing. When I’m shopping, I try my best to look out for wood based fibres on the labels such as TENCEL™ fibres and Organic Cotton. I would love to hear more about what you are conscious of when it comes to fashion? Oh and incase you’re wondering, these clothes feel more like a soft linen than a hard material! Find out more info at www.makeitfeelright.com

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